Nashville's Great Peacock is on the road promoting their new album, 'Making Ghosts' and lucky for us, they stopped by the studio on their way to a gig.

Although they aren't a contemporary country band, their style of country folk rock could go nicely next to Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Randy Houser, and Zac Brown Band on you playlist!

Great Peacock are a group of red-blooded country boys who aren’t afraid of the big city. Case in point: 'Making Ghosts' -- the duo’s harmony-heavy, guitar-driven debut album -- whose 11 songs find the middle ground between rootsy, down-home Americana and super-sized arena pop/rock.

Andrew Nelson, who shares lead vocals and guitar duties with co-founder Blount Floyd says,

To us, it’s just pop music with organic acoustic instruments. The album has some fiddle, some pedal steel and a whole lot of acoustic guitar, which sounds like the traditional setup for a country band. But this isn’t a country record. It’s not really a folk record, either. It’s a pop/record... with folk tendencies.

Here's Great Peacock's exclusive performance of 'Take Me to the Mountain' in our new Sealy Realty studios...