Justin Wood is no stranger to the shenanigans of Madison and Shepherd. For example, this morning Kimberly Madison asked Justin would he get sprayed in the eyes with mace for money.( If he agrees, we will have video) This time however, we were not responsible.

Justin was sitting quietly in the studio. He had just returned from delivering Krispy Kreme doughnuts to a lucky office. (you could win too, just leave a comment on the Madison and Shepherd morning min each day). As I entered the studio, I noticed that some clown had placed a "Kick Me" sticker on Justin's back. I did laugh at him. Why? Because that kind of thing is still funny to me at almost 40 years old and the fact that he wore it around town in and out of offices. Don't worry, no one kicked him...at least not that day.


We never figured out who tagged Justin.  I took the liberty of snapping a pic.