Previously, I talked about my family moving to a new house. With moving all your belongings comes moving your utility services.

I had our power transferred with ease. Our water was connected in a matter of hours. These things are a must right? I dropped the ball on getting our Comcast Cable moved, I didn't put in the call until yesterday. My family has been without TV and internet for three days now and I learned something valuable. With out the distraction of TV and internet, our evenings have been spent talking, reading books to our three year old and actually spending time together.

No remote control to look for, no DVR shows to watch, no Google, Facebook or Pinterest.

I actually took time to toast home made croutons for my son as he sat on the counter and helped spread the butter and add the garlic and parsley flakes on the bread. He asked questions and I answered, with my undivided attention. He is only three years old and has lots of questions. I wonder now how many of his questions have gotten a quick, half hearted answer while I was focused on a screen.

Make no mistake, I'll be thankful when the cable is connected. I am missing the History Channels "Mankind" after all.

But I now realize the value of not being connected to the world 24 hours a day and I also realize what I have really been missing and what I truly should be thankful for.