Your suggestion for stop 4 on my journey to Tuscaloosa's Best Burger was another great choice! Gene and the crew were most welcoming and Gene even shared some awesome pics and storied from his recent mission trip to Costa Rica!

Before I get in to the burger, I must talk about the ribs that they let us "sample" while we waited on our burger to be cooked fresh. I have eaten ribs at a lot of places and have had some that I raved about. I must say that the perfection of Backyard BBQ's ribs is unparallelled. I had the honor of being selected as a judge a few years back for the KC BBQ circuit that came through Tuscaloosa. Backyard BBQ would have monkey stomped ANY of those guys.

Now, on to the burger. I judge on several categories. (which will remain a mystery till the end of my journey) Keep in mind, this is my personal preferences on what makes a good burger and Backyard BBQ scored high in most all of them.


About to Eat

Finished Up


There was one thing though that cost these guys some points. (again, this will be revealed later) Over all, a fantastic burger, perfectly seasoned. It arrived at the table with lettuce, tomato and onion on the side. I added jalapeno peppers! BAM! I will defiantly go back! The entire Backyard Crew was the best thing about the visit! Thank you guys! Oh, and the homemade coconut cake was delicious!

Their over all score?

Stop 5? You are sending me to RAMA JAMA!

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