I'd have never known Wing Zone had Hamburgers if not for your suggestions on my Journey to Tuscaloosa's Best Burger! Thanks for helping guide me along.



Carla at Wing Zone was fantastic and made our stop a pleasure. She offered up some of their signature sauces and man, they were good. I had the Buffalo Bliss ( a 2 on the Wing Zone Heat Index) and our DME Ben George had the Ragin' Cagun' sauce ( a 3 on the Wing Zone Heat Index). It will come at you!



Overall, the burger was pretty good. For a pick up and delivery joint, I like the fact that the trimmings were in a separate container and I was able to build my own burger when we got back to the station. The bun was fresh, the lettuce, onions and tomatoes were crisp.



Over all score of:

Backyard BBQ is next! Where should I go after that?...you tell me. Vote below.