ALABAMA NEWS: Beginning today, Bryant Drive will be partially closed beginning at 7:00 and continuing through Thursday at 5:00 pm for storm sewer work. Harrison Construction Co. will be working on the North side of Bryant Drive between 14th and 15th avenues.

NATIONAL NEWS: Seven days after Hurricane Sandy battered coastal communities along the east coast, another storm is expected to hit. A strong coastal storm projected to arrive during the latter half of the week, though it’s exact track is still uncertain. The Eastern region for the National Weather Service reported ‘substantial impacts’ are anticipated.

Hacktivist group Anonymous has pledged to take down Facebook today, also known as Guy Fawkes Day, unless the gaming company Zynga reverses it’s decision to lay off 1000 employees.

WEATHER: Partly Sunny with a 30% chance of isolated showers. High of 71.

SPORTS:  It’s unanimous: the Crimson Tide is still the #1 team in the nation, according the the AP Top 25 Poll, after a 21-17 nail biter against LSU.  Oregon remainied number two followed by Kansas State and Notre Dame.

ENTERTAINMENT: Halo 4 and Master Chief return on Tuesday, November 6th. The latest installment is the first from 343 Industries after Microsoft and Bungie Studios parted ways.

MUSIC: Taylor Swift may be busy promoting her newly released album ‘Red’, but she’s not to busy to vote in Tuesday’s Presidential election. Swift refused to indicate who she was pulling the lever for because she doesn’t want to influence the vote of anyone who may look up to her.