A twenty-seven year old woman named Rochelle went on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation with her boyfriend to Peru. As early as the plane ride home, she began experiencing headaches which evolved to include 'shooting pains in her face' and 'scratching' inside her head.

After seeking medical attention, she was informed she had an infection and sent to an EN&T specialist who inserted a scope into her ear. The doctor confirmed the initial diagnosis but the cause of the infection shocked even the most seasoned medical professionals: eight LARGE maggots had HATCHED INSIDE her ear drum and drilled a hole into her ear canal. Conservative attempts to flush them out failed so Rochelle was sedated and the maggots were removed.

In the video below, Rochelle describes her story while we're shown footage of her maggot infested ear. It's graphic so don't watch if you'd prefer not to vomit right now.

Now, my friends, is the perfect time to get right with Jesus.