There's no longer any point in denying that despite my desperate attempts to solve the problem, my clothes stink. They didn't always smell abominable, but since I bought a new front-loader washing machine, I've detected a certain sour scent that clings to everything that I own.

I long for the fresh-scented towels and t-shirts of yesterday but despite purchasing front loader washing machine cleaners and eagle-eying the washing cycle so I could immediately put them in the dryer, funkiness abounds.

Then I met Kameron Thrasher whom I discovered shares my dislike of front-loading washing machines. He told me he'd been plagued with soured socks and, after taking the same measures I'd mentioned above, rolled his sleeves up and got busy investigating.  He discovered a drum in the base of his machine filled with this:

Kameron Thrasher

Yes, if your clothes stink and you've exhausted the options listed above, then perhaps your front-loading washing machine is filled with Satan's sludge too.