April Fools' Day, and the pranks are everywhere.  This prank is a little different.  A series of life changing pranks played on a waitress make for the best shift ever!

Meet Chelsea Roff, the waitress from Venice, California. The kind of person who would do anything for others, before thinking about herself. Including her sister, which she raised. Chelsea had an eating disorder, beat it and then started up a non-profit yoga clinic to help others with eating disorders. She her sister since she was little. Now, her friends have come together to play prank, on that is life changing!

It all starts for waitress receiving a thousand dollars tip left on the table. She looks is in pure shock as she counts it around co-works away from the dinning area. That's just the tip of the iceberg of the avalanche of good fortune about to come her way!

Watch this fun video to see what other great things happen for this woman!