I've never been one to bang a bunch of pots and pans around in the kitchen and I've made no secret about the amount of loathing I have for cooking.

Whenever culinary topics come up in conversation, 'then what does your family eat?' is often the first follow-up question to my convincing declaration of hatred. My response was always, 'lots of take-out,' before Shea Richardson, a life-long friend, redefined the meaning of 'quick meal'. She's got me cooking all of the time now and my boys have stopped being skeptic when I announce, "I'm gonna cook tonight'

At the risk of revealing too much of my patheticness, Christmas and steaks are a couple of the rare exceptions I'll make when committing to a recipe that requires more than five-minutes to prepare.

So, without further adieu, I present one of my favorite meals prepared in under 03:00 (YES, 'THREE-MINUTES') and, to quote my husband Perry, 'one of the best meals out of a box I've ever eaten'.

PRO-TIP: Never let another moment of your life pass by while you're waiting for the oven to reach the correct temperature. Determine and jot down how long it takes your oven to pre-heat to varying degrees and add that time to your recipe's total suggested cooking time (60 min. + 12 min: 72 min. total cooking time).

Stouffer's 'Grandma's Chicken & Vegetable Rice Bake'
1. Take out of freezer.
2. Cut hole in plastic to vent.
3. Put in oven. Cook 70 minutes.
4. Remove film from pan.
5. Cook additional 25 minutes.

Green Giant Seasoned Steamers "Mediterranean Blend'

1. Take out of freezer.
2. Put in microwave (you do not need a bowl as the directions suggest).
3. Cook for 05:00 minutes.

Sister Schubert Dinner Yeast Rolls

1. Take out of freezer.
2. Put on pan.
3. Bake in oven for 5-8:00.

Once you're finished, gather up all paper products and remove to the nearest trash bin.