These Guys Smoke the Strings Off a Walmart Guitar
I just saw this video in my Facebook news feed last night. This amazed me. I play guitar and have plucked around on a Walmart kids guitar before and have always wrote it off as a piece of junk. I have been wrong. Apparently, you just need to know HOW to really play the guitar.
Walmart Shaming
For me personally, Walmart is both heaven and hell on earth. At 5:00 in the evening, the big box store can't be worse than the devil's den but at 5:00 am, I'm Alice and Walmart is Wonderland.
I Stole This Chocolate Dime From Walmart
This morning I woke up earlier than normal to finish what little bit of Christmas shopping I had left to do .
I arrived at Walmart around 5:05 and whizzed through the aisles in solitude, picking up stocking stuffers, last minute gift cards and other trinkets of whimsey that caught my fancy...