Tuscaloosa’s Zachary Smith Qualifies for Olympic Trials
Today the Wild Bill Show salutes Tuscaloosa's Zachary Smith, a 16-year-old junior at Holy Spirit High School.  Smith competed with more than 1,700 swimmers and qualified for the Olympic Trials in Nebraska.  Our Tuscaloosa talented swimmer will compete in the same p…
Best Swimming Holes in and Around Tuscaloosa
In Tuscaloosa, we have an abundance of fresh clean swimming pools to go to this Summer. More people than ever have pools in their backyard. That wasn't the case where I grew up. We went swimming in the Cypress Hole on County Rd 21 in Coffeeville. Oh, and Bassets Creek.
Worry Free Earplugs for Your Kids
I talked about my little girl Charlie having ear tubes put in a while back. (There's a cute video of her zonked out on meds in the post). We were instructed to use ear plugs when she takes a bath or splashed in the pool. We were struggling to keep the ear plugs in her ears. We found an answer t…
Pool Safety Tips When Severe Weather Strikes
When the weather warms up here in Alabama, it's almost time for one of our favorite pastimes...swimming. Whether in pool, lake, river, or creek, we should realize that this time of year severe weather can come out of nowhere at anytime.