Notre Dame

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Bama fans are counting down the 235 days until Saturday August 31st 2013. That day, we will all start to make new memories of what is destined to be another great season. We are all proud of our Tide. Below is a little audio of how we rolled in 2012!
‘Bama on the Brain
Before a toe touched the floor this morning, I was suffering from ‘Bama Brain. Between taking advantage of the snooze feature on my phone’s alarm and actually making myself awake, I contemplated how bad the two players who’d been sent home must be feeling this m…
Madison and Shepherd Morning Minute
January 7th, 10`3
Forecast: Alabama with a high of 'Bama. Crimson Tide advisory in effect until midnight tonight.
Local: 22 Alabama men were charged with beating 22 Notre Dame men and are expected to be arraigned on charges National Championship...
Madison and Shepherd Morning Minute
December 7th, 2012
Remember Pearl Harbor.
BREAKING: Tsunami warning issued in Japan after 7.0+ earthquake.
Forecast: Mostly cloudy. High of 66.
Local: Off-Duty Northport police officer, Jimmy Guin, 37, remains in critical condition following a wreck on Hwy 43 near Tierce Patton road yesterday morning..…