Hometown Heroes

Thank You, Hometown Heroes
Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays for several reasons; food, fireworks and family. But for me, the day is about reflecting on the miracle of America's birth and those who fought against tyranny.
It's also a moment to remember that many soldiers and their families are celebrati…
Hometown Hero – Al DuPont
Al Dupont has served Tuscaloosa for over 50 years as a land surveyor, assistant city engineer, public works director, and finally as long-serving Mayor.
Dupont was born in Louisiana and grew up in the Depression which he credits was the spark that drove him to work for the common good of people...
Hometown Hero, Jared Timp
Update: On September 2nd, 2013, former Iraq war veteran and Tuscaloosa Police Officer, Jared Timp, lost his battle with cancer. He died surrounded by his family at Saint Mary's Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota. Jared is survived by his young son, Magnus.
LCPL Kelson Epperson – Hometown Hero for 4/21
LCPL Kelson Epperson is 19 years old and serving his 2nd year in the Marines. He decided to join the military when he was in the 3rd grade and he learned about the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Growing up, his mother Lashonda Goins, said he never strayed from his chosen path and when he turned 17, he j…
Staff Sgt. Brant Merriam – Hometown Hero for 4/16
Staff Sgt. Brant Merriam lives in Northport with his wife Jen and three children. Brant has served in the Alabama National Guard since August 2007 and served in the Navy Reserves from 2004 until 2007.
In June of last year, Sgt. Merriam was deployed overseas with Bravo Company 1/167th Infantry out of …
Staff Sgt. Jared Olvey – Hometown Hero for April 1st
UPDATE: Staff Sgt. Jared Olvey returned home to Tuscaloosa on May 7th, 2013 where he was greeted by his wife Sara and young son, Robert. His homecoming was the first time he'd met his son in person.
Welcome home, Staff Sgt. Olvey and we offer our sincere appreciation for yours and your family&ap…