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Fox News Just Fired Bill O’Reilly
In a move that many thought would never, could never happen, Fox News has decided to cut ties with Bill O'Reilly, the network's biggest star for 21 years and host of the highest-rated show in cable news, 'The O'Reilly Factor.'
Who Won? Trump or Fox News?
I'm kidding. Trump won. Maybe. Initial overnight ratings suggest Fox News was able to hold their own with 13  million viewers.
Either way, the New York big wig just played the best game of chess ever with a bunch of folks who brought checkers and just like the others who have come before, F…
Fox News Anchor Makes Baby Cry
You might remember Titus, the free-throw wunderkind whose awesome talent sparked a viral video earlier this year. If not, here you go! Now that we've provided some context for this awesome toddler, let's watch a Fox News anchor make him cry.