Drone Appears Outside Studio Window
During the Madison and Shepherd show yesterday, Scott and I discussed a lawsuit involving a dispute over the cost of a drone.
One gentleman was suing another for the cost of a drone after it was swatted down by a property owner using a t-shirt who'd grown angry after the operator refused to stop…
Drones Coming To Northport Skies
Northport Fire Rescue has added an UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or “drone” to their Special Operations Unit which Captain Jason Norris said provides firefighters with  'capabilities that we previously never had.'
The newly-acquired UAV can assist with:
-Hazardous materials responses
-Identification fr…
Morning Minute: April 30th, 2014
APRIL 30th, 2014
WEATHER: More thunderstorms. 73/48

LOCAL: Tornado damage assessment underway in Central Alabama.

STATE: Is FAA investigating use of drones to capture storm damage footage? 

NATIONAL: U.S tornado death toll at 34...