Scott’s Must See Cat Video – No Kidding
We 'adopted' a kitten several months ago. I'm not really a cat person. It lives outside. I feed and water it multiple times a day.  It a pretty good cat. I took a quick video of the cat doing something I have never seen IN MY LIFE.
Does Your Cat Really Know It’s Name?
My family has been a pet free family since, well...forever. This changed a few weeks ago when my five year old wanted to adopt a kitten. My wife and I caved in and we now own a cute little splotchy colored girl kitty.
10 Cats Stuck in Things
Cats are funny little creatures. Some like dressing up in reindeer antlers while others bask in the grumpy glory of fame. It doesn't matter what kind of feline we come across-- we're always big fans of the furballs. However, there is one type of kitty that tops our list of favorites: …