For the past few months, I've done well with simplifying our lives by getting rid of junk. We have a lot. I've also looked for smart, inexpensive ways to make life a little more convenient.We have a swimming pool, but during the heat of the summer, the backyard is hard to enjoy because there's no shade so we need lots of umbrellas but for whatever reason, stands seem to be hard to come by.  I came across an idea of using PVC pipes as in-ground umbrella holders.

I purchased a long tube of PVC at Home Depot then used my BRAND NEW CIRCULAR SAW to cut three segments three-feet long.

Notice the right end of the pipe is chewed up because evidently I didn't realize I'd installed the blade on my new saw backwards.

After cutting each of the pieces, I asked Perry to hammer them into the ground using my NEW RUBBER MALLET.

Hammering the entire pipe into the ground took longer than I expected but here's the final product:

Scott made a great suggestion of buying caps to prevent rain from filling up the pipes so that's on the list for my next trip to Home Depot.