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Why Tuscaloosa Theaters Will Be Packed This Weekend
Star Wars:The Last Jedi hits the silver screen in Tuscaloosa this weekend. The wait is over trekkies. But will the movie live up to the hype?
With 160 reviews counted, it has a 94% rating on Rotten.Tomatoes.Com...that's 150 positive reviews and only 10 negative...
Would You Like Your Groceries Delivered To Your Kitchen In Tuscaloosa?
I've been using the SHIPT grocery delivery service for months. You order on-line, select a delivery time, & groceries are delivered to your kitchen counter. And NO it is not expensive. This service will change your life!
Tuscaloosa SHIPT grocery delivery has been limited to Publix for or…
Official Contest Rules: Carlock Christmas
CARLOCK CHRISTMAS Contest (the “Contest”)
Contest Official Rules
By entering the Contest, you agree to be bound by these Official Rules and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
You Gotta Try It
Here are a few gotta try it ideas from a friend that made me happy. I had to share.
I just got turned on to this idea. Put a little balsamic vinegar in your Bloody Mary. Just a splash to kick it up a notch. Yes!
And another gotta try for you foodies...
What Are They Building In Northport Next To Lowes?
Rumors are running rampant about what is being built in Northport next to Lowes.
Will it be a grocery store, a restaurant, a convenience store, or is your guess as good as the rest?
Aldi & Outback are getting a lot of buzz.
Today a member of a construction crew called the Steve Shannon Morning …
Nick Saban for US Senate
An ad is urging Alabama Republicans to write in Nick Saban. While there is little doubt Saban could probably win, don't fall for the political trick.
A liberal super PAC, American Bridge, is spending $10,000 to pursuade Republicans, according to the Tuscaloosa News...