On my way out the door headed to work this morning, I impulsively picked up a tub of 'Noisy Putty' and shoved it into the bottom of my purse. For the uninitiated, describing the sounds generated from the putty require delicacy, but naturally produced, someone would need to reevaluate their diet.

Meetings happen on Thursdays at the radio station and despite my plea, Scott declined to utilize the noisy putty while our co-workers were gathered around the conference table.  I put all my chips in and went to the only other person I thought capable of pulling off the prank: my boss, Todd Livingston.

With the putty displayed on his desk, I quickly explained the plan and rushed to the meeting leaving him to finish his email. Moments later, he entered the conference room. Mildly disappointed, I saw no evidence of the Noisy Putty.

Ten minutes later, this happened:

The following revelations were made as a result of the video:

1. Pranksters, behold your king. When everything is on the line, Sensi Todd Livingston commands his features to reveal nothing. As evidenced by the expression on his face in the picture above, his flawless performance was delivered with such mastery, I'm convinced he would have created the sound by whatever means necessary had the putty failed to deliver.

Bar = raised.

2. This video serves as a formal warning that Monk does not observe the unspoken rule of Ignore & Proceed and will ask follow-up questions that are rhetorical in nature.

3. A well-placed 'Roll Tide' can diffuse any situation, no matter how awkward.

Roll Tide.