We were introduced to Townsquare Media's New Regional VP for Tuscaloosa, Bob Freeman today. There was a staff meeting in our conference room and he talked about all things radio and media. When he first started talking, I noticed he sounded like someone to me. After about 5 min, I figured it out.

So when he asked if anyone had any questions, I let the people with legitimate ones go first. I then spoke up. I said: "Has anyone ever told you you sound like John Goodman?" He replied "no" and that he has heard a lot of things but never that.

After pulling up and showing a Youtube video of John Goodman on the Craig Ferguson Show, a few of my co-workers nervously agreed with me.

I asked Bob for a quick interview: Do you agree with me? Does Bob Sound like John Goodman?

Here's a clip of John Goodman on Ferguson: