Our group of radio stations decided that our on-air personalities would carve pumpkins in a friendly competition. Here is my submission.

After too much thought, I decided I was not a good enough artist to carve a silhouette of The Walking Dead's Darryl Dixon on a pumpkin. Instead I went for the decorative sugar skull. I've drawn and painted hundreds of them in the past many years so I knew this was something I could pull off.

To give you some background, the sugar skull is folk art from Southern Mexico used to celebrate Day of the Dead (Dia del los muertos). Spirits of the dead are welcomed back to their homes with beautifully decorated altars. These alters usually contain candles, a photo of the deceased, marigolds, incense, Pan de muerto - Also known as "bread of the dead", fresh fruit and other foods, as well as sugar skulls.

Sugar skulls are a symbol of death and the afterlife. Therefore I decided it would be a perfect fit to combine our Halloween tradition with the Day of the Dead tradition of Mexico.