Duke is a very special puppy. If you haven't been introduced to him yet, read the last story I wrote about his health issues and how our family fell in love with him.

Because he's the most amazing puppy in the world, I entered him in the Super Cute contest on Buzzfeed. Last night he wasn't even in the Top Ten but now he's in 2nd place and ready to take his rightful place at #1! He won't win anything other than bragging rights and lots of kisses from his family. Somehow, knowing so many people find his little life worth celebrating, as opposed to being discarded in the middle of nowhere, makes me feel like his impending victory is a win for all animals who have been treated like trash.

Just in case you need a little encouragement to vote for Duke, here are a few videos that should help you make up your mind.

Here's Duke at Bryant Denny:

And here is he on the moon:

Here he is murdering his stuffed raccoon on Sunday after I wouldn't turn the channel from Pawn Stars to Animal Planet.

So, go vote then refresh your page and vote 437 more times! I think I've crashed the page so you'll have to vote using the leader board underneath. As of this post, Duke was closing in on #1!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>VOTE HERE!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The winner will be announced this week.