The situation in New Jersey and New York after Hurricane Sandy has grown desperate. 95.3 The Bear has partnered up with Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa to accept donations for our Northern neighbors in an effort to address some of their more immediate needs.

In case you need a reminder of the critical role Toomer’s played in our own recovery, you can refresh your memory here.

Below is a partial list of some items requested. Donations can be dropped off until Friday at 5:00 pm at our studio office on 142 Skyland Boulevard East Tuscaloosa, Al 35405. Please make cash donations in the form of a gift card and checks should be payable to Toomer's for Tuscaloosa.

Clothing to keep body temps up and protect from weather:
Heavy Coats – Adult and Children sizes
Insulated Coveralls
New Thermal Under Wear – Adult and Children sizes
Heavy duty Socks
Gloves – Adult and Children sizes
Waterproof Work Gloves for debris clean up
Tobogans and Ski Masks – Adult and Children sizes
Hand warmers
Insulated and/or Steel toe Boots of all sizes
Standard Rainboots – Adult and Children sizes
Ponchos and Raingear

Shelter Stations and Residence:
Desperately need BLANKETS and SLEEPING BAGS – Adult and Children
Air mattresses
Pillows requested – Shelter residents/First Responders – Travel size or Standard

Power Strips
Extension Cords
New gas jugs with funnels – need 2-3 per Generator
*Camping Stoves with canisters
20 Respirator Masks:
Any other camping supplies that would be appropriate
Portable Charcoal Grill
Lighter Fluid
Packs of new Lighters
Batteries – especially D for flashlights
LED Headlamps
Rechargeable Lanterns
Fubar Hammers
*Wedding Tents/Military Tents to set up Warming Centers
*Portable space heaters of all sizes to set up Warming Centers
Can openers
Canned Food
Non-perishable dry food
Bottled Water
Bottled Gatorade/Powerade
Any Diabetic appropriate candy/snack
Backpacks to carry items
Urgent Need Baby Items: Ex. Diapers, Wipes, Powdered Formula, OTC Meds
Medical supplies – OTC Meds, Gauze, BandAids, Peroxoide/Alcohol, C-Paps, etc
Cleaning Supplies for major mold tear outs

Representatives from Toomer’s will be driving trucks to affected areas on Saturday. Community Outreach Director, Michelle Gates Mitchell, is available to answer any questions and can be reached at or by calling 205-887-1018.