Not since Gretchen Wilson’s ‘Redneck Woman’ have females across the country genre had a song they can truly embrace as their tongue in cheek, sing-a-long anthem.

Now, I'm not saying that Joanna Smith’s ‘Girls Are Crazy’ has the same “rough around the edges” style as ‘Redneck Woman’ but when you listen, I think you’ll know immediately what I’m talking about.

‘Girls Are Crazy’ is the new single from her forthcoming release and has all the makings of being the hit that launches Joanna’s music career to the next level.

I think the thing that makes this song stand out in my mind is Joanna’s approach. She is absolutely one of the most precious, funny and charming people you’ll ever meet. On ‘Girls Are Crazy’ she brings those elements into the studio and attacks the song with all the swagger needed to deliver that addictive punch that ropes you in. You’ll even notice that she’s mixed in a little of her natural, Crestview Unincorporated, Georgia sweetness to make it just a little more believable. The song is a straight forward country rocker; the beat is steady and production top notch.

Click the album art to download the single.


As soon as I have anymore information on Joanna official full-length album release I will post. Until then, girls and guys alike, have fun singing along!