While pressure washing my porch on Sunday, I got a nice gift from either a Yellow Jacket or a Honey Bee when they stung the top of my ear.

I like to consider myself a man's man and not a whiny baby but I'll admit, last night while resting at home, the spot where the stinger actually entered my ear down right hurt. Almost like little electrical currents shooting through my ear.

Now, I caught a brief glimpse of the culprit just moments before he stung me. I could not tell if it was a Honey Bee or Yellow Jacket but I remember seeing it was yellow in color. He flew right toward my body and I kind of dodged out of his way and went on, paying him no mind. That's when I felt him sting my ear and for a minute kept coming at me while I chaotically slapped the side of my head. With each swat I could still feel him on me but eventually he freed himself and flew off. Either that, or I hopefully killed the sap sucker and slung him across the yard in all of my flailing and screaming.

So after the pain, for the most part has subsided, I'm now left with a sore, swollen ear that won't stop itching.

Do you know of any home remedies I might use to stop the swelling and itching?Is there a difference in a Honey Bee sting and Yellow Jacket sting?

Please help!