I was on my way to meet a friend for coffee yesterday afternoon and as I approached my car, I noticed what appeared to be a large, angry beast lying in wait for me near the driver's side door.

Everything's still a blur, but I'm pretty sure that as the demon galloped toward me in a frenzy of blood lust, I assumed a defensive position and did whatever I thought Jackie Chan would do if faced with a similar threat. My courage failed me when the creature hissed and breathed fire from his mouth.

I ran screaming in the opposite direction and thankfully, my young neighbor Brantley was outside and heard my terror filled screams. He ran over and the second he was within arm's reach, I shoved my phone in his direction and asked, 'Will you please take a picture for me?'

After our visitor from Hell was documented, Brantley attempted to pick the beast up by his horned tail.

I was so frightened for him but I captured the dramatic moment the creature lunged for his throat:

After regaining his courage, Brantley managed to successfully harness the devil and return him to the bowels of earth.