Some beer drinkers are scratching their heads wondering what in the world is National IPA Day? While others, who love a hopped up beer, are celebrating with an ice cold pint!

Let's first start with an explaination of what exactly an IPA is. No, I'm not talking about the International Phonetic Alphabet, the IPA I'm talking about stands for India Pale Ale. For a quick definition we refer to what I found at

IPA was born out of necessity. When the British were colonizing India, the beers they sent down to their troops kept spoiling during the long sea voyage. With an extra healthy dose of hops and alcohol (40-65 IBU and 5% -7.5% ABV respectively), both having great preservative value, their problems were solved, and the world had another distinctive beer style. Today, American craft brewers do more than emulate the style. They continue to push the envelope with strength and bitterness.

There are three main styles of IPA: American-style, English-style and Double or Imperial IPA. The IPA is characterized by its aggressive hop profile. This increase in hops gives the beer a more floral aroma and flavor.

IPA Day was founded in 2011 by Ashley Routson, also known as The Beer Wench, as a way to bring craft beer drinkers together over social media and in their local pubs.

Below I have listed some of my favorite IPAs (in no order) with links to their breweries. All of which are available in our area.

Hoppy IPA Day my friends!