Kyle James founded in 2001 and has devoted his life to finding out how to get the best deals and avoid paying full retail.

While he admits the discount code he's sharing with the masses isn't an exact science, his calculations are based on inside knowledge from former employees.

According to Mr. James, applying the formulas below can help you get the best deal possible and help you avoid missing out on a desired item if you're waiting for further markdowns.

Prices ending in $0.99 are full retail price and items ending in $0.97 indicate clearance pricing but further discounts are still possible. Final markdown on items ends in $0.88.

Prices ending in $0.99 are full price and items with prices ending in 8 or 4, such as $4.88 or $4.24, indicates item is on clearance.

Check the top corner of price tags to see if the markdown percentage from the original price is revealed. ’25’ would indicate the price is 25 percent off the original price. Items typically stay at markdown price up to two weeks before additional markdowns.

Prices ending in $0.00 mean you’re paying full price and items marked $0.99 indicate clearance and sale pricing. Finally, prices ending in $0.97 are final mark downs.

American Eagle
Full priced items end in $0.95 but best priced or clearance items end in $0.99 or $0.00

Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic
Prices ending in $0.47, $0.49, $0.97 or $0.99 is probably the most discounted the item will sale for but the chains offer 40% discounts every Wednesday which could make for some SICK SAVINGS.

At GAP, sale items ending in $0.97 are final and non-returnable but you may not discover that until you see the fine print on your receipt.

Home Depot
Prices ending in $0.06 mean you’ll have to wait 6 weeks until any discounts or price changes. If the items haven’t sold in six weeks, they’ll be lowered to prices ending in $0.03 then the item will be removed.

Office Depot
Prices ending in $0.00, $0.99, or $0.50 are full priced. Items with prices ending in anything else are marked down.

Pier 1 Imports
Prices ending in $0.95 and $0.00 mean you’re paying full-price, but clearance items are priced to end in $0.98 and $0.48.

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