I had to stop by the grocery store yesterday and pick up a few things. I have always gotten a kick out of the "off brand" or "store brand" products name their stuff. Some of the names are pretty good. Others, not so much.

Malt-O-Meal cereal does a pretty good job. Their version of Kellogg Froot Loops is called "Tootie Fruities" Their Version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch is called "Cinniman Toasters"

Wal-Mart's Spam rip-off is called just plain "Luncheon Meat".   What is Luncheon anyway?

Safeway has a knock off Dr. Pepper called....Dr. Skipper.

I was looking for a small tub of butter when I saw this in Winn-Dixie:

It tastes like butter? Well, sure...why not.  The name is acually trademarked like someone would want to steal it.

What funny off brand product names have you seen lately. Here is a funny list from Huffington Post.