I like finding the opportunity to snap a pic of something cool in nature. I discovered this nest in the eve of  a building under a porch roof. The baby swallow in this pic is hungry.

There were a lot of people hanging around. The mother bird was apparently scared to come to to nest because of all the people. She circled around for several hours. The baby birds stuck their heads out of the nest and chirped for food.

The little guy in the pic must have been really tired waiting on his mama. As we all were leaving, I noticed the wait was over. The mama swallow was in the nest dropping food in three open mouths Although, I'm not sure exactly what type of sparrow these are, I did a little reading on these birds and found some interesting facts:

Swallows feed mostly in the air. It's called "aerial foraging".

Swallows fly more than most other song birds

Each mud nest is made up of about one thousand small, mud pellets

Nature is cool. Learn more about these birds at  allaboutbirds.org