Tuscaloosa Weather Risk Downgraded
Tuscaloosa has now been downgraded to a marginal risk for severe weather today/Tuesday.  A line of storms is expected to impact Tuscaloosa as early as 3 PM through 6 PM. Main threat: winds of up to 60 MPH.
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Tuscaloosa Downgraded Risk on Wednesday
The EMA says Tuscaloosa County has been downgraded to a limited risk for severe weather tomorrow, Wednesday, March 1, 2017. If storms become severe, we are looking at threats of damaging winds up to 60 MPH and small hail.  Below, a brief specific to Tuscaloosa County:

Severe Weather Coming Wednesday #Tuscaloosa
James Spann, Don Hartley, & Bobby Best all agree sever weather is coming Wednesday that could approach West Alabama as early as 11am.  Tuscaloosa is currently listed as an "enhanced risk area" according to the NWS.
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