12 Kids Dead Due To Heatstroke Inside a Car This Year
Twelve children have already died this year from heatstroke inside a car.  The latest, a 7-month-old boy was found dead inside a car after apparently being left by his father when he went to work at a northwest Houston, Texas business, according to police...
Best News in 10 Years Alabama!
Alabama's unemployment rate is the lowest it's been in almost 10 years!  May 2017 dropped to 4.9 percent, the lowest rate in the state since March 2008.
Gov. Kay Ivey says "It's down almost a full percentage point since March, when the rate was 5...
5 Things I Miss About Tuscaloosa
I recently made the move back home to Mississippi to be closer to family and I'm quickly realizing the differences between Tuscaloosa and Columbus.

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