Alabama's Cary Laine joined Madison & Shepherd the day after her elimination to talk about her experience on this season of 'The Voice' and where her career will go next.

Hailing from Citronelle, AL and now living in Wyoming, Cary told us she had never really considered doing a show like The Voice but was actually sought out by the show's producers after they found her on YouTube! She was a judge favorite from the beginning but was sent home last night in the final "Battle Round" with Sam Behymer on The Voice.



Cary, in her own words, is "Country to the Core, but has an Edge". She talks about her decision to choose Adam Levine as her coach verses Blake Shelton. Most people were a bit shocked at the move.

Cary said that Adam did turn around first but that really didn't affect her choice. It was the fact that Adam seemed to realize the potential in her "Voice" and the direction she wanted to go.  Some interesting info she shares in her interview with us is how much editing is done from shooting and production to the time we see it on TV.  For example, the clip of Cary choosing her coach was actually 40 plus minutes! They did a lot of editing before we got to see it she says.



On going home Cary seemed a little sad but confident in her future:

It's a little sad to have to go home so early, but it just wasn't in the cards for me I guess. I guess God has a different plan for me. I'm not done. I'll continue making my own music.

Cary Laine will continue to make great music. She thanks all her supporters in Tuscaloosa and says to be ready for more form her very soon. Follow Cary on Twitter @carylaine and keep up with the latest.