While searching for Carrie Underwood's latest video for 'Two Black Cadillac', her performance of 'How Great Thou Art' alongside Vince Gill was suggested in the side bar. I was intrigued and immediately clicked the link.

Carrie Underwood is a dynamic ambassador for country music. She's beautiful, down to earth and most importantly, sincere. However, I would be lying if I didn't admit that occasionally she flirts with shouting instead of singing. That is not the case here. Her rendition of one of gospel's greatest songs is nothing short of perfection.

Underwood begins the song a little shaky due to her obvious battle with emotion, but in the end, her initial struggle only makes the performance that much better. Long before the final note is sung, her peers are standing on their feet and crying with the emotion the singer fought so hard to contain at the start.

Carrie Underwood's version of 'How Great Thou Art' is one of the finest I've ever heard. I hope you find her performance as touching as I did.