I’m an Alabama fan and have been for the last 11 years. I may not have been born into the tradition like so many of my friends but I understand the love of the Crimson Tide and its rich history. I've been a Washington Redskin fan since birth so I do understand what it’s like to love my team no matter if we win or lose. I think, most importantly, I’m a fan of football and the spirit and pride that comes along with that. This brings me to my next point, the Toomer’s oaks.

I’ve never been an Auburn football fan. I stand tall behind my Crimson Tide each year during the annual Iron Bowl and grit my teeth and hold my breath with the rest of my people wearing crimson and white. As I stated before, I do understand tradition, so today should be a sad day for any fan of football and the Alabama/Auburn rivalry.

Because of one fan’s obsession and anger, Auburn’s Toomer’s oaks are being cut down today. Alabama fan Harvey Updyke Jr. admitted to poisoning the soil around the trees after Auburn’s win in the 2010 Iron Bowl.

They have stood at the corner of College St. and Magnolia Ave. for over 130 years. At some point in history, at the end of each Auburn win, fans crowded the streets between the trees and literally colored them white with toilet paper.

After last week’s spring game, Tiger fans got one more chance to show their love for the tradition that is now coming to an end. The rolling of the trees hardly looked as it had in the past since the dying trees were left without leaves and most of its limbs.

I saw a post on Facebook today with someone laughing and poking fun about this Auburn loss. I think that is absolutely foolish and childish. This is a time we should stand by our neighbors and support them no matter what colors they wear on Saturday afternoon. They’re our rival and it's that competition that makes the Iron Bowl fun. But most importantly, they represent the same state we do as a part of the SEC.

I think as Crimson Tide fans, we should realize what those trees meant to their fans. We have symbols and traditions of our own that we wouldn’t want to see destroyed. Toomer’s oaks are school and football landmarks to Auburn like Denny Chimes and The Quad are to Alabama.

I’m not saying you gotta start wearing blue and orange, just try and understand what the fans are going through.

Roll Tide!