Last week, I saw a sign on the side of the road advertising an estate sale. I've been to a few before so I turned the car around.

Walking through the halls, I felt a certain sadness that I had no ties to the deceased individual who's artifacts of their life were being rummaged through by strangers. After visiting most of the rooms, I was beginning to think I would finish the tour without buying anything until I entered the last of the bedrooms. A large rack of clothes from various decades yielded a mink stole in pristine condition. The $75 price tag was evidence that the good Lord wanted me to have it. When I returned home, I searched eBay and found several comparable stoles valued anywhere from $125-$225.

While making my purchase, the woman assisting me handed me a flier for a vintage market happening in Northport on 5th Street on December 9th between 11am and 4pm. The 5th Street Vintage Market will host vendors from all over the region will be bringing vintage clothing and vintage-inspired handmade items. Gift wrapping will be available and proceeds will benefit various organizations.

Can't wait!