I love a good mystery.

Unless I'm in it!

It's so good to be back in Tuscaloosa and on The Steve & DC Show every morning on 95.3 The Bear.

So, we are going through our old photos and we find a picture of me with my brothers and mother taken on Halloween night in Tuscaloosa.

The year was 1993.

The question is, WHO IS IN MY HOUSE BEHIND US?

We have looked at this picture for years and never even noticed the image behind us.


As you look at the photo, left to right, you see me (DC), my brother Rick, my brother Vince and my mom Rosemary.

Well, who is the person/thing/ghost right between me and my brother Rick?



My dad took the picture, as we got ready to go out for a Halloween party at Christophers night club.

Remember that place?

My dad wanted to get a quick picture before we went out, as we were not always together. He thought it would be a nice photo of the family.

Of course, my dad was the first person to try and explain it away.

"That's your friend Stuart" he said. It's not my friend.

He mentioned several names and none of them matched. In addition, it was my house and I remember the night well.

The house was LOCKED UP and all was shut tightly.

We were going out for the night. I know that it is not possible that a friend was in my house....as the rest of us were leaving.

Most of my children were not born and I met my wife a few weeks after this night.


Thoughts? Let me know below.

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