I will never forget the day my mother came home from her job, a little bit angry. My mom, Rosemary, worked at a Northport hair salon named “Gildas.”


She told me about a lady that was a frequent visitor, and the lady was a favorite of all the stylists and employees.
I remember that she said this lady was so lovely and kind to everyone.
She also said that she had been in a terrible accident a couple of years ago on Highway 69. This accident had left her paralyzed from the waist down.
My mom was upset because, after MUCH prodding, she said her husband had left her because she was in a wheelchair. She cried as she said that he told her that she embarrassed him and could no longer satisfy his needs in the bedroom.

That’s right. This selfish jerk left his wife after she was disabled in a traffic accident! The ladies at Gilda’s Salon were shocked and extremely angry at this low life.


I hope this evil a*****e is reading this now. I hope plenty of you leave comments on our app below!

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What do you think of this guy? Or male. As the headline makes clear, he's certainly not a man.

Now it’s happened again!

This time a TikToker exposed the scumbag husband looking to cheat on his disabled wife. This TikToker was able to TRACK down the guy's wife on Instagram and sent her a warning!

She wrote, “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I think your husband is cheating on you. I saw his tinder and recognized him from Instagram. Here’s his profile.”

Good for her! Here’s her video below!

@vanessariley_hubYour internet big sis saving you from cheaters #youmademehatethiscity#billieeilish#fyp#foryoupage#labourday#cheater#greenscreen#summerrecap#bc♬ original sound - jenna



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