Tuscaloosa Regional Air Show

Houston, I mean Tuscaloosa…We Have A Problem!
I've got James Spann in one ear saying "severe weather threats beginning at 3pm" and Don Hartley in the other saying "and the famous Blue Angels will begin at 3pm."  We've still got 48 hours as i write this so maybe the timelines will change...
Fly in a B-17
The Commemorative Air Force, one of the world's largest private air forces with more than 160 airplanes in 80+ units across America that still flies today, will offer 25 minute flight in their B17!
Blue Angles Fly Over UA This Morning
The Tuscaloosa Regional Airshow kicks off Saturday morning. The Blue Angels arrived in Tuscaloosa yesterday around 3pm. I follow the Blue Angels on Facebook. Check out their post about a fly over this morning!