Martha and CW

Martha and CW: Love Letters
Marriage Maven Martha unearths an old love letter written to her by CW after they first began dating. She reads it to her husband and wonders why he stopped.
CW responds in a very typical CW fashion which means Martha ends up raging.
Martha and CW: Family Reunion
Our favorite married couple, Martha and CW are at odds over whether or not to attend the Marriage Maven's annual family reunion. CW doesn't want to go but Martha insists he will until her husband reveals a relative's been hitting on him.
Martha and CW: The Beach
This week, our favorite married couple are heading to the beach with a brand new wardrobe. Martha is excited about her new 'bakini' but it appears she isn't the only one who will be sporting some flesh on the sand.
While shopping, she picked up CW a new swimsuit and he's a little …
Martha and CW: The Goat Wolf
This week our favorite married couple, Martha and CW, argued over the existence of a strange hybrid creature that the marriage maven termed a 'goat-wolf'.
Martha claims that while she was tending to her garden, the goat-wolf emerged from the woods 'chewing cans and howling'...
Martha And CW Discuss Bikini's and Muffin Tops
This week our very own marriage maven, Martha shares a few tips on how to look your best in your summer wardrobe. CW had plenty of his own advice that Martha takes an exception to.
Listen in on CW's advice for one particular neighbor who enjoys wearing a 'bakini'...
Behind The Mic With Madison and Shepherd
Martha the Marriage Maven, along with her cranky husband CW, attempt to dispense valuable relationship advice. More often then not, the two end up in an argument over CW's love of Bear Grylls, fishing too much with Remington, or trampy neighbor Bernita...
Madison and Shepherd’s 2012
2012 has been a fun year for Madison and Shepherd. As we count down the last few days of this year, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite moments from the show. Today, we'd like to re-introduce Martha and CW. Martha and CW are our favorite married couple!