Now I am about to write a word that legend says you should never speak out loud, so if I say it inside my mind does that count? Alabama has many urban myths and tales of ghosts and haunted locations.  Yet the one that I have heard mentioned numerous times is the legend of the Skin-walker.

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So people claim to have seen Skin-walkers all across Alabama, and far beyond our state lines.  So, being the curious one, I decided to look up what exactly is a Skin-walker.  The legend starts by claiming that a Skin-walker is a witch or a shaman that takes the form of an animal or a human being.

They also state that to take the form of the being they must take its life.  People have claimed to not only hear but see Skin-walkers among us.  My question is this…how do you know if someone is a Skin-walker?

The most common way is if the person or animal is acting “oddly”…that could mean anything! I mean think about it, does that mean that Betsy who didn’t have her first cup of coffee that morning is a Skinwalker? No, it means she was running late that morning and to stay away until she has her caffeine fix.

Stories of Skin-walkers were told among Navajo tribes to their children. Those stories consisted of victory stories. So how did stories of victories lead us to scary Skin-walkers that kill to take that form?

They say that witches or shamans used their powers for evil and hence the Skin-walker is an evil being.  Now, I do believe that there are things we can’t explain in this world. So it’s up to you to decide if Skin-walkers are fact or fiction.

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