There has been a stray cat hanging around my house for a while. In fact, since I caved in and let Brody get a kitten. She is a bit wild and ragged. I'd see her every few days. She wouldn't let you get to close to her. She was expecting kittens the first time I saw her. I saw her once last week and it seemed she must have had her litter. But where I wondered. I found out.

While raking the leaves from my back deck Sunday afternoon, I saw the familiar cat come blasting from underneath. I knew instantly the kittens were under there and sure enough, when I climbed under the deck, I spotted one fat little lonely kitten curled up in a nestled out pile of leaves and dirt. The mama cat quickly returned when she saw me close to her baby. This time she got close and was actually purring!

I am guessing she had more than one kitten and the rest must have not made it...sad huh? I felt bad and went grabbed an old blanket and some cat food. We have a crawl space under our house so I opened the door and made a bed for the two cats so they could escape the wind and rain. I propped the door open so she could come and go.

Why am I a sucker for kittens?

I have been feeding her every day and will be looking for a good home for them both.  Any Takers?