We spent the weekend in Miller's Ferry. We enjoyed a couple days on the river running trot lines. We set out two with about 30 hooks on each. We had a good couple days.

We baited with a few pumpkin seed brim and some Skipjack we caught at the dam. We'd run the lines on the dam's schedule. We'd re-bait when they were about tho pull water. It worked pretty good. All in all we caught about 175lbs of bluecats. We estimated the one in the pic to weigh between 25 to 30 pounds give or take. Not a bad weekend!

We cleaned the fish Sunday and bagged and froze a bunch. We fried the rest with hushpuppies an french-fries. A good close to a 4th of July weekend.


My Brother-n-laws: Jonathan Hicks (holding fish), Clay Jackson and my son Brody Shepherd.