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With gas prices still at record highs, averaging around $5 dollars a gallon. People are finding all sorts of unique ways to save some money.

My personal favorite form of travel that doesn't require any costly gas will always be

Old Town Road Easter Eggs

the horse.

Why not? it worked for generations.

With all these electric vehicles on the road today

David Butow // Getty Images

that most people cant afford. This Tuscaloosa man found his own way to get around.

Audio Bob
Audio Bob

We captured this video today traveling south on 69 towards Mcfarland. The man was on his way to the new Dollar general store.

We have had other instances where the folks of Alabama took matters into their own hands. Especially when it comes to these electric mobility scooters.

Casey Hulme video screenshot
Casey Hulme video screenshot

A Facebook friend shared a funny video that must be seen to be believed. This one could win $100,000 on America’s Funniest Videos!

We do not have confirmation, but some believe this happened in Gordo, Alabama.
The old expression ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’ comes to mind. When you want to move your mobile camping trailer, but no car or truck is available, you might have to improvise.  And improvise this fella did.

Perhaps fella deserves points for ingenuity or creativity. You can be the judge.
The reaction of the people that captured this video is priceless.
Watch and listen. It is funnier the second time. And if you spot this guy driving down the street in West Alabama, please send us pictures and video.

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