Country superstar Luke Bryan has been through more than his share of loss and heartbreak, having lost both his brother and his sister at a young age. These days, however, Bryan and his wife, Caroline Boyer, have a happy and full household that includes not only their two sons, but also Bryan's sister's three children, whom the country couple adopted after their mom and her husband died.

Still, creating their family hasn't always been easy. Boyer revealed in an interview for Nashville lifestyle podcast Get Real that she suffered a miscarriage early on in their marriage.

"When [our first son] Bo was born, he was a surprise," she recalls. "I got pregnant when we had been married for six months. I was not expecting that at all, and then we had a miscarriage."

Boyer goes on to explain that although the couple went through the loss together, Bryan struggled to find the best way to console his wife, because it was such a personal and intimate experience for her.

"Luke didn't really know how to comfort me because, you know, he didn't get it. As girls, when you go through it and you lose it, there is a loss and it sucks and it hurts," she goes on to say. "It's awful, physically. Guys, I don't think they know because they haven't felt it or seen it. For girls, it's a true loss, and for guys, I don't know if it's a true loss."

Fortunately, the couple were able to have two healthy children. Still, Boyer has never forgotten the pain she experienced after her miscarriage.

"I've only lost one, but it does -- it just sucks because it just hurts, as a lady. It just hurts," she says.

Boyer and Bryan have never been known for dwelling on their heartache, and even though she speaks openly about the loss, Boyer joked about how easily she and her husband have gotten pregnant in the past.

"Sometimes -- I'm kidding, but I will tell people [that Luke] and I ... that's the one easy part of our life. If we want to get pregnant, I got pregnant instantly," she adds. "We are so fertile I wash our underwear separately. I don't, but that's just what I say."

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