Sometimes I ask myself, does anyone remain faithful to their significant other anymore?

I’ve had my fair share of “he cheated on me” stories to last a lifetime. Some are pretty hilarious while some are sadly heartbreaking.

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The other day I talked about the most faithful cities in Alabama. I most definitely went into my dating app and increase my radius to include those cities. However, there is the flip side to faithful is the UNFAITHFUL!

All I can hear in my head is the old schoolyard chant, “cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater.”


Here are the “Most Unfaithful Cities in America” according to My Dating Adviser.

#10 – Washington, District of Columbia

#9 – Atlanta, Georgia

#8 – Knoxville, Tennessee

#7 – New York, New York

#6 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#5 – Nashville, Tennessee

#4 – St. Louis, Missouri

#3 – Houston, Texas

#2 – Fort Worth, Texas

#1 - Dallas, Texas

No surprises from this list except for Knoxville beating Atlanta in unfaithfulness.

There is some … good news.

No cities in Alabama made the top ten unfaithful cities list. But … we have a few.

Coming in at #11 on the My Dating Adviser “Unfaithful Cities List” is Huntsville. The city I like to call HuntVegas was “#11 out of 200 cities for unfaithfulness.”

Marriage Rate: 47%

Divorce Rate: 11%

Separation Rate: 2%

Happiness Index: 50.55 (best = 100)

Google Search Interest for an Affair: 31.23 (highest = 36)

And I know you will NOT be shocked that Birmingham ranked “#83 out of 200 cities for unfaithfulness,” according to My Dating Adviser. I lived in this town for 13 years and I have some dating stories for you!

Marriage Rate: 47%

Divorce Rate: 9%

Separation Rate: 2%

Happiness Index: 57.45 (best = 100)

Google Search Interest for an Affair: 24.75 (highest = 36)

It’s all pretty interesting to me the faithful vs. unfaithful cities. I hope that everyone can find love or at least some fun in the wonderful town they live in.

(Source) For more details click here for My Dating Adviser.

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