In the early 90s, one of Deana Carter’s demo tapes somehow made its way into Willie Nelson’s hands. She was then invited to join him at Farm Aid VII and the rest is history!

Deana quickly signed a contract with Capitol Records based on those same demo recordings and the next year released her debut ‘Did I Shave My Legs for This?’, an album which yielded five radio singles, three of which enjoyed the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. The album debuted at No. 2 on the U.S. Top Country Albums chart and sold well over five million copies.

Her debut was followed in 1998 by ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’, ‘Father Christmas’ in 2001, ‘I’m Just a Girl’ in 2003, ‘The Story of My Life’ in 2005 and two separate releases in 2007, ‘The Chain’ and ‘Live In Concert.’

In 2010 Deana’s name once again started to make the rounds in the country music community when Kenny Chesney covered “You and Tequila,” a song co-written by Carter with Matraca Berg for the album ‘I’m Just a Girl’, and included it on his album ‘Hemingway’s Whiskey.’

Now fast forward to December of 2013. After a little time off to write and spend time with her son, Deana Carter is back and sounding better than ever with her seventh studio album ‘Southern Way of Life’!

The lead off single ‘Do or Die’ once again showcases the sweet innocence in Deana’s voice and the calm elegance of the track brings to mind ‘Strawberry Wine’.

When listening to one song after another on this record, you cannot help but be drawn in, closer and closer to the artist. You feel the heartbreak in ‘Before You Left’ and clearly see the perfectly painted picture of life growing up in the South that she aurally presents in the title track ‘Southern Way of Life’. After the loss of her father and going through a few surgeries on her knee and spine, you can almost hear the loss and introspective peace in her voice.

Deana Carter and her new release can easily hold their own against any country newcomers putting out records today. She has proven songwriting cred, she has the awards and the fact she’s worked with Willie, Dylan and Waylon puts her in an elite class of country gold.

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