Remember Facebook Notes? I didn't use it much either. published an article announcing the return of Notes. This time it seems the faded Facebook feature will have a little more kick. Writes:

Much better! A broad, full-width cover image, more screen real estate, what appears to be a crisper, more readable font. A proper byline and timestamp give it a sense of permanence and importance. The whole thing feels less cramped, like you might want to sit here and type a while, as opposed to the previous format (or a regular status update), which feels like it just wants to get this whole reading thing over with.

Wired Continues: There are other improvements at work here as well. Facebook is testing new ways to tag people, resize photos, and add links and hashtags to Notes, while retaining the same privacy controls. In the new format, you can still share your note either with everyone, just friends, a hand-picked group of names, or just keep it to yourself.

I look forward to this roll out. I couldn't find an actual date for when it rolls out to everyone but I'll be watching.