Over the last year, I've taught my 12 year old son how to play Monopoly and chess and he has successfully beaten me at both.

As a father, I want my son to win. After learning to ride a bike, I wanted him to be the fastest on the block! Every father would right?

When I taught my son how to play chess over a year ago I thought he'd be great. He took to it like a pro and started showing his friends how to play, then started wiping them out! He and I would play and I'd go easy on him. Then, he started to get better and I had to pay attention until... he beat me! Wow! I expected him to beat his friends but beat me? I once played with the best coffee drinking/chess playing students that Starkville, Mississippi had to offer when I worked at The Daily Grind! I was somewhat feared!

Then my wife and I recently taught him to play Monopoly. He started out with the Pokemon version he found at a yard sale. Then he quickly got good enough to upgrade to the real deal Monopoly.

Last Monday night, he and I started a game and on his second time around he landed on Park Place. Then a few laps later he landed Boardwalk. Let's just say that with 2 properties and a few hotels, he sent dad to the poorhouse. Just like that I was out but I had mixed feelings.

One side of me was so happy that he advances at board games and got good enough to take me out but on the other side I was confused. What? He beat me?

It's a hard road to hoe and admit defeat at the hands of our kids but as good parents we've got to. My losing is a big boost to his confidence. Sure, I could've put up a fight, kicked and screamed but I must back up and not be a sore loser. There lies lesson number two: lose gracefully.

Will I be up for another game and possible loss? For him, yes. Will I ever challenge him to play me at my favorite arcade game Galaga? Nope. I was a master of that game at 12 and in my mind, I will always be a master at that game and I ain't gonna let no 12 year old take that away from me!  He can master chess and Monopoly and I'll keep Galaga!